Dam: Glenyarra Bonnie Lass


DOB: 01/01/2014

HIPS: 0/1



Sire: Glenyarra Emperor


DOB: 01/07/2014

HIPS: 2/3



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Nelson   Nelson   Nelson




LUNA has surprized us all and delivered 9 beautiful little goldens, 5 girls and 4 boys,  delivered three days earlier than expected...Well Done Luna! Born Saturday night Luna and I have almost recovered our missed sleep. Once the dust settles I will start making phone calls...thankyou for your patience.


The parents of each litter have been hip/elbow scored, have clear eye certificates and a healthy heart certificate, all available for you to view.


Puppies go home with a pedigree certificate, vet health check and proof of vaccination card, a microchip and a puppy information pack that includes; food, diet sheets, weight chart and loads of tips on raising and training a healthy and well adjusted pup.  Free Petplan Health Insurance coverage for six weeks.



Our babies are 1 week old tonight and have under gone many changes over the last seven days. Birthweights ranged from 275 gms to 470 gms with the majority of pups around the 350 gms weight. Most pups have doubled their birth weight with a range of 640 gms to 870gms...a wonderful start. Luna is a fantastic first time mother. She is calm and extremely attentive to her babies. She just knows how to look after, feed and clean them...Nature is wonderful. I hope that you enjoyed the first photos that were taken at the birth, when I had a spare moment. Once again Luna excelled delivering in a calm and effecient manner. If you compare this week's photos  to the newborn ones you can see that the pigmentation of noses and paw pads is starting to come as they turn from pink to black. Puppies eyes and ears are closed and they cannot walk, but using their noses manage to drag themselves around to find a teat to suck on. It has been lovely to meet some of the new families and chat, and I look forward to meeting the rest very soon.


Luna and her pups have had an eventful second week. All puppies have opened their eyes and continued to grow at a very impressive rate. Our weight range is now 1. 2kilos to 1.6 kilos. As you can see from the new photos they take up a lot more room in between her legs as she feeds them. Luna now spends time out of the whelping box either resting or outside wandering around with her golden friends. Puppies nails have been trimmed for Luna's comfort! They have also had their first worming tablet. Our  little ones still spend all their time sleeping or feeding . They can now move around the box quite quickly when Luna gets in and although they are not walking they are trying to take weight on their feet. And. they have found their voices and make quite a combined noise as they all squeak when Mum is around.


After a hectic weekend, as we said goodbye to Nudge's puppies and a computer glitch yesterday, I have finally had success in updating Luna's website for the third week...apologies. As you can see from this week's photos our pups really look like little puppies with their new collars. They are walking around their whelping box quite steadily and have started to interact with each other. Their gums are now swollen as their little teeth start to erupt from their gums. They are starting to mouth each other to soothe themselves as a baby likes to chew on a teething ring. Luna has increased her time  away from her babies, often enjoying a meaty bone. Luna also gets very excited when members of her family come to see her each weekend. It is interesting to look back over the photos and compare how the pups have much space they take up in the whelping box and between her legs! Our babies' fur is continuing to grow and color is getting stronger...even the lighter pups have quite dark ears.


What a lovely day for our babies to leave their whelping box and join Torah's pups out in the puppy house. As you can see from this week's photos it was an energy packed meeting with our bigger pups trying every trick they knew to get in with the curious new arrivals! However, our little ones will not be in with their neighbouring giants for safety reasons, at this stage. Our little ones have started  to eat a tiny meal once a day, as they are still feeding from Mum. Luna will now start to wean her pups and slowly the amount of food and frequency of meals, for the pups will increase slowly. Emails will be sent today confirming your day and time for puppy selection. I will attach the first instalement of puppy notes. Please try and read them before you arrive so we can sort any queries on the day. You might also like to bring a  strong of lace, labels or strings or a robust toy to leave with us for a couple of weeks to get the puppy pen smell ...this will help your pup settle with something familar when he/she comes home. Plastic toys don't really work. Looking forward to meeting you all again very soon.


After a very busy weekend and then experiencing some difficulties with my website server, I am now ready to post the 4 to 5 week photos! It was lovely to meet you all again, despite the weather. Apologies to all the tall people who banged their heads on the puppy pen roof. And thankyou for your cooperation in putting on the cover shoes, as awkard as it was. The pups have settled well in their outside house and are enjoying the toys and the bigger area to romp around in. Some cooked chicken has been introduced into their diet this week. Unfortunately, the pups have not been able to run on the grass in the last few days, as it is too wet.  Luna has returned home to her wonderful family and we thank them all for their visits and puppy cuddles. The pups have also been microchipped. Please enjoy the photos

I have put up a few more than usual!


Our little have really started to blossom this week. They are very adventurous and love their playtime out on the grass. It is so lovely to watch them run, wrestle 

with each other and explore their outdoors. They are very cheeky and have become quite skilled at escaping out of the door of the puppy pen when ever I try to go in or out. They continue to eat well and today we introduced a small portion of chicken neck into the diet...slowly increasing the portion size of soaked kibble pasta and chicken, as well. Tomorrow, the vet is coming to give them a health check and vaccinate them if they pass. A big thankyou to Mitch and Anna for looking after our babies while we were away over the weekend...well done to you both on an excellent job...I'm sure they all got more than their fair share of cuddles from you both?!


All our pups are going well and have enjoyed many romps in the exercise area this week and they have met the sheep who are up close to the house as they are lambing! The puppies were very intrigued with these 4 legged furry creatures that did not smell like Mum. All our babies are set to leave for their new forever homes on the weekend and receive that specieal individual attention and love that they deserve. All passed their health check and were vaccinated last week. Their pedigree papers have arrived and I have just have to find time to put your new information folders together so we can go through them when you come on the weekend...this process takes about 40mins so I ask you to arrive at your allocated time so we don't hold up the next excited family, please. Just a note that Purina has changed its packaging, we are after pro plan Chicken and Rice LARGE breed. Please have some kibble soaking before you leave home so that you are prepared for your return. Look forward to seeing you all again. Enjoy these last photos taken at Yarra Glen

I will look forward to seeing yours!