The History of Glenyarra Kennel

Glenyarra Kennel began over 25 years ago when we had our first litter with our beautiful 'Mitsy' and four adorable pups.


What a wonderful experience that was for myself and the children...  the motivation to continue breeding came from the laughter and joy that litter brought us and the pleasure of successfully raising such healthy, happy pups.


Today we strive to continue that tradition. All of our Dams were born at Glenyarra. They return to us from loving family environments to have their little furry babies. Each with their own personality, they share one thing in common...they are cherished by their families. As are our own goldies: Flair, Kefa and Nudge.

Meeting the new owners and guiding them in the correct care necessary to raise a beautiful golden both physically and emotionally is a very satisfying task. Receiving cards, letters and photos of babies gone to their new forever homes has also been a very rewarding and positive experience. Indeed many long and firm friendships have been formed.

 I still thrill at being at the birth of a new litter, helping the dam to look after them and constantly strive to produce healthy, well rounded puppies with great personalities.