Our Golden Retrievers


Banjo is a young, beautifully golden coated, soft natured and playful male. Son of Shiloh and River and sister of our amazing Della. Banjo has recently sired his first litter of 10 beautiful puppies. He loves swimming in the ocean and long walks but is deliriously contented curled up on Caitlin's bed with her!  A treasured member of a most wonderful family.  



Nelson's soft, affectionate and playful nature is only one of his endearing qualities. Despite his size and obvious strength he is an attentive, loyal and affectionate companion. Nelson lives with Bron and Dave who love him to bits and have obviously invested quality time and much love into this beautiful boy! He just loves everyone: the grandchildren, the other goldens, the chooks and rubbing noses with the sheep! 

As a point of interest: Nelson had a light body and golden ears as a young fella but has goldened up over the years so that his body  color is about the same gold as his ear color.!



Scala is a very loved member of our  personal Glenyarra family...belonging to my son, Mitchell and his wife Anna and the daughter of our precious Torah. I have been priviliged to watch Scala's life  story, close at hand...from a pup until maturity. Showered with love and attention she has blossomed into an affectionate,  extremely fit and a most socialized golden...a pleasure to take anywhere. Her playful yet chilled personality ensures that she loves every body and vice versa. Calm and loving with children, in large crowds or other dogs ...well done to you both. We know that she will be a brilliant mum in the future.



Magnificent golden Della was born at Glenyarra 20 months ago. She is the  gentle daughter of another gorgeous ,golden, golden...River. Della lives with her cheery owner Dr. Fiona and the two have a most amazing relationship, more than best of friends, they are family together. Della has matured beautifully both physically and emotionally...we are very excited to welcome some little golden babies shortly.



River is a golden Golden who comes to us from a warm and wonderful family, Denise, Kane and their two young boys, Thomas and Sam.  This will be River's second litter with us. River is the daughter of our gorgeous Tallara and now lives , plays and swims in Geelong with her companion goldie Rafa. "River is just easy going " is how Denise describes her. 



Molly 2017

Molly is gentle and sweet, mid range in color she is the daughter of our Meg and was born at Glenyarra 2 years ago. As you can see from the photos , Molly is gentle and attentive to her family, Kim and Ben and their beautiful new baby boy.

She is very lucky to be an important member of this beautiful young family. She delights in children's company and loves her special toy!  I think she will make a beautiful mother.

Molly who had 1 litter with us has now retired.



Torah is a golden girl as rich in personality as she is in color. The loyal companion of my nephew, Mat, Torah lives in Mooroolbark with my sister's family and her mother, Kayla. A robust, fit and affectionate girl who enjoys chasing rabbits, swimming and hunting besides her master Mat and his bow. We are delighted to have Torah back with us once again.

Torah has now retired from breeding



Coco is a is a young girl full of vitality and joy. The daughter of our gentle Molly. She displays love, loyality and affection to her two human sisters, Frankie 7yrs and Willa 9yrs old. Coco lives in Melbourne and is a cherished member of her family of 4. Coco also co habits with 'the 2 cats' becoming very affectionate  lately with them since becoming pregnant. Katie her owner, describes how she constantly carries around her soft toys piling them up in her cosy bed...we all know she is going to make a beautiful and loving mother.



Lola truly llives up to her name 'Lola de La Mer' and is a water lover whether it's the river or sea , she's in there! Lola has a beautiful temperament ...friendly, affectionate, confident and outgoing...she quickly wins all hearts with her gentle nature and admirable behaviour. A scallywag as a puppy she has matured in a golden that makes me a very proud breeder! A sincere thankyou to Lola's wonderful family for the work they have put into socializing, loving and training her...she is an absolute credit to you all and of course to Alfie, Lola's golden family member for his excellent example of how a perfect golden behaves.



Sensitive, loyal and affectionate are apt words to describe Kimba, who is a light golden with just a hint of color. Kimba is 2 years old and this is her first litter.  Kimba lives with grandparents Cheryl and Robert and twin boys of kinder age...we thank you for allowing Kimba to experience motherhood. A big thankyou to you both for the extra care and love you gave Kimba throughout her pregnancy and those difficult times when she experienced morning sickness... your special efforts have meant  that Kimba and our new babies are healthy  and well now.

Kimba who has had 2 beautiful litters is now retired



Our bubbly blonde bombshell will knock you off your feet! She loves cuddles and sits up at the outside table for morning and afternoon tea, with the family... our doggie grandchild. Nudge is now the Mum of 8 little golden babies.

 Nudge has now retired from being a Mum



Our Golden girl Tallara has come back to Glenyarra to become a Mum for the second time. Outgoing and energetic she is a happy and responsive companion. From the beachside to the countryside for a new experience! Tallara's comes from an amazing family where she is showered in love and cuddles...I expect we are going to see Tallara's family quite often in the coming months!

Tallara who had 1 litter has now retired .


Meg 2015

Outgoing and playful Meg . What a gentle and attentive first time Mum she was. 

A big thankyou to Terri and Bruce and their wonderful children. I think we all enjoyed seeing Meg so happy with her little family.

Meg has now retired from breeding with us.



Luna our soft natured yet playful young Golden girl, has come to us to have her first litter. We thank Sue and her family for trusting us to support Luna through this amazing experience of becoming a Mum and look forward to seeing you often.

Luna has now retired from breeding



Our lay back but affectionate Nellie has come back to Glenyarra to have  her first litter so her wonderful family can take home a Nellie daughter to complete their family. A big thankyou to Vince and Kylie, Charolette and Sienna for the opportunity to  share this wonderful experience with you all.

Nellie has now retired from breeding



Lassie is the daughter of our Beautiful Bonnie. Lassie loves the water and features in our home page swimming in the river and retrieving her tennis ball. We thank Bernadette and Martin for loving and caring so well for Lassie and Bonnie. They are wonderful companion dogs, loyal and affectionate.

Lassie has now retired from breeding



Kefa absolutely loves her runs and long, long walks on the back beach. She is always by your side during any outside activity. She can never be close enough to family members and we always thought we should have called her "Lean!"

Kefa has now retired from breeding



The matriarch of our family of goldens. Flair's strengths are her swimming  and retrieving abilities. Flair is loved by all for her intuition, gentle demeanor and loyal companionship. My very special girl.

Flair has now retired from breeding


Breed Description

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