Breed Description

Golden retrievers are excellent companions

They love to be in close contact with their owners.  They are intelligent and have gentle dispositions.  They love to please, greeting everyone with a wagging tail and a wide smile!


Goldens adore children and make wonderful family members

They are easy to train, lovable and playful. Outside, Goldens are active dogs.  Retrieving balls is a favourite pass time.  Goldens love water and are great swimmers.


Golden Retrievers are a medium sized dog

They stand approx. 56cm-61cm with females being smaller than males.  Weighing 25-34kilos they need regular exercise to stay fit and heathly.

Golden retrievers have luxurious, shiny, soft coats

...that do shed, so a tolerance to hair loss is necessary.  However, a good brush will maintain your golden's coat keeping it clean and tangle free.


Regular brushing minimizes hair loss and odour, making it a pleasure to have them inside with you or including them in the family's activities.


Golden retriever hereditary problems

Before breeding dogs, responsible breeders screen their dogs for such diseases as hip dysplasia, eye and heart disease.


Certificates should be available for puppy buyers to view.