Dam Name

Dam: Glenyarra Coco De La Mer


DOB: 16/05/2017

HIPS: 2/2


Sire Name

Sire: Glenyarra Emperor


DOB: 01/07/2014

HIPS: 2/3



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Glenyarra is very happy to announce that Coco has given birth to 8 new babies, 4 girls and 4 boys. Two days early! Mum and puppies doing splendidly. All puppies from this litter have found their forever families.


The parents of each litter have been hip/elbow scored, have clear eye certificates and a healthy heart certificate, and a breeding clearance certificate, all available for you to view when you come to visit your puppy.


Puppies go home with a pedigree certificate issued from Dogs Victoria, vet health clearance cetificate, proof of vaccination card, a microchip and a puppy information pack that includes; food and diet information and a weight chart . A booklet containing loads of tips on raising and training a healthy and well adjusted pup.  Free Petplan Health Insurance coverage for six weeks



Welcome to all our new families. Coco is an experienced and attentive Mum. She had a wonderful delivery and 7of our puppies are showing excellent progress. We have a special little girl who we are calling MINNIE...born at 232 grams, less than half of the weight of her brothers and sisters, most likely because of a inefficent placenta. We have been very busy hooking her onto the milk supply every hour around the clock for the last three days...and the great news is that she is a battler and does not appear to have any other health issues at this stage. Pleasingly, she is putting on weight each day and displaying a determination to thrive!

Boys have Green ,Orange, Aqua and Blue collars. Girls are wearing Red, Yellow and Pink collars...MINNIE is too small for a collar at this stage. Minnie will not be offered to any family at this stage .

We have a good variety of coat colors...it is still too early to judge the final coat color but will wait until their ear color comes in over the next weeks...don't be deceived by the lighter pups in the photos ...already I can see color down their backs and around their hips... the dark ones born, don't get lighter.

As you can imagine we are busy, tired and elated at the moment. I will try and call everyone over the weekend ...please be patient at this exciting time...Mum and babies are our main concern in these early days and take an incredible amount of time and energy...and we love it!

Please enjoy the photos of the birth and early days which I will post as soon as I am able.

More photos coming when I work out how to change Heic photos into Jpeg...yes I have a new IPhone!!!...finally worked it out ...Enjoy!

Updates and photos each Tuesday for the next 7 weeks.



One week old today and our babies have put in a hard week of eating and sleeping. All pups have more or less doubled their birth weight which is a wonderful gain and shows they are all thriving. After a crook start to life, Minnie is also thriving, with no signs of any underlying health problems. I have been busy making sure that the bigger pups don't knock her off the teat at each feed...day and night...and it's been worth the effort to see this little girl's grit and determination and awesome weight gain

Puppies have spent most of the first week feeding from Coco about every half hour to hour. A little like human babies who demand feed in the early days then move out to more set feeds as Coco establishes her milk supply.  As the week has progressed Coco has started to leave the whelping box to sit and rest away from her satisfied babies for short periods. Coco is looking good and has a large appetite eating 3 meals a day: mince or chicken with rice and veggies and dry food.

At this stage the pups eyes are closed and their ears sealed over so they cannot see or hear. Pups cannot walk yet but drag their chubby bodies around, using their sense of smell to find that magical milk.

Everyone should have received their Puppy Care Notes and Puppy Sales Agreement by email...please let me know if you haven't received  these important attachments. No action is required with the Sales Agreement  until the pups have been microchipped and you have visited on the Open Day and selected/met your pup. Please enjoy this week's photos.



Two weeks old today our pups have shown fantastic growth with all pups trippling their birthweight. Blue collared boy is the heaviest at 1.4 kilos the rest come in at 1.290 kilos to 1.360 kilos. Minnie has also trippled her weight and comes in at 690 grms. It is unlikely that she will catch her brothers and sisters in the next 6 weeks but does share the same genetics so will likely be similar to the others at maturity. Pups have had their nails trimmed and filed this week for Coco's comfort, as they become like little needles. As you will notice in the photos the puppies' eyes are in various stages of opening. Their ears have come forward and now hang down however, they are not hearing at the moment. Puppies are holding up their heads and weight bearing on their feet as they grow in strength. Coco spends an increased amount  of time outside and feeds have moved out to every 2-3 hours. Puppy coats have started to grow in length and more shading has appeared on their faces...they really look like little doggies.

I have put up a photo of a toy that was very robust and popular with the last litter for your consideration...toys that make a "crunchy" sound are also very popular. Pet circle has a good range of robust toys...imagine 3 or 4 pups all pulling on the same toy...is it strong enough? Also be careful about choosing a toy with a squeaker in it...make sure that it is impossible for a pup to get it out...a choke hazard


It has been lovely having a Facetime with all of the new families, meeting you all, seeing where you live and watching the joy you have expressed when viewing Coco and her babies. I hope that you have all enjoyed the video of a 'let down' feed sent to your phones...don't you just love those tails? Please enjoy this week's photos. 


A quick reminder to please send through all the requested details needed for the free 6 weeks Pet Insurance. Thankyou to those that have responded.