Dam Name

Dam: Glenyarra Coco De La Mer


DOB: 16/05/2017

HIPS: 2/2


Sire Name

Sire: Glenyarra Emperor


DOB: 01/07/2014

HIPS: 2/3



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Glenyarra is very happy to announce that Coco has given birth to 8 new babies, 5girls and 3 boys. Two days early! Mum and puppies doing splendidly. All puppies from this litter have found their forever families.


The parents of each litter have been hip/elbow scored, have clear eye certificates and a healthy heart certificate, and a breeding clearance certificate, all available for you to view when you come to visit your puppy.


Puppies go home with a pedigree certificate issued from Dogs Victoria, vet health clearance cetificate, proof of vaccination card, a microchip and a puppy information pack that includes; food and diet information and a weight chart . A booklet containing loads of tips on raising and training a healthy and well adjusted pup.  Free Petplan Health Insurance coverage for six weeks



I can hardly believe that our babies are a week old today, although it has gone quickly it has been great to get back into my own bed! Thankyou for your patience with my ramblings and vagueness, from tiredness...I do hope that you see a slight improvement in the days to come!  Coco has become a beautiful Mum, she is attentive and very relaxed with us and her babies...a real example of the  gorgeous Golden nature. She has recovered well from what appeared an easy birth without complications and now spends time out of the whelping box, in the sun with my other girls and wandering around our house as if it were her home. We had a wonderful visit from Coco's family last weekend ...not sure who was the happiest, Coco or her family. Thankyou Katie, Mike, Willa and Frankie for the love and care that you have showered on her to make her the special Mum that she is today .


Our babies are really thriving with all pups more than doubling their birth weights ...our birth weight range was 300 grams to 420grams. A week later the range is 692grams to 982grams!  Study the photos carefully and you will see the difference in the size of their bellies. Puppies cannot see or hear at this stage but are very clever and sniff out Mum for a drink in a most effecient way.  One minute there is silence and then Coco gets into the whelping box and they are instantly awake squeaking and frantically crawling around to find that elusive teat. They cannot walk but are certainly mobile and can drag their  little bodies very quickly when it means they will get a drink from Mum. Some of the puppies are already golden in colour, those that look lighter in the pictures already have a smudginess down their backs and color above their back legs... this will go golden too...none of these puppies will be cream. Looking at the ear color in the next few months will give an indication of your goldie's final coloring

Please enjoy the photos and we welcome all of the new families to the GLENYARRA family.



Just a quick thankyou for all the kind words offered this week for our loss, all remaining puppies are doing well and Coco is still her chilled and happy self.

Our weight range this week has seen our biggest boy 1.43 kilos and our largest girl at 1.38 kilos with our smallest boy at 1.06 kilos and our smallest girl at 1.1kilos. You will see in the photos, that they now take up much more surface area in the whelping box. Coco is still lying down to feed them but will soon move to sitting up as she will be unable to physically fit them in. The little ones' eyes have just started to open, although their vision is not good at this stage. Their ears are still sealed over even though they have flopped down. Their ear color is staring to appear now as you can see in the photos. Their fur is growing well and they are starting find their voices...we hear the beginning of littlle squeaky barks coming from the whelping box.  I have also noticed that some of the little ones have been testing  their weight on their little legs...unsucessfully! The puppies have had their nails trimmed so as to make it more comfortable for Coco when she  is feeding, as their nails become like little needles.  It is also interesting to notice that the pink noses and paws that the pups were born with, have disappeared and are now black...so much change in a week

Coco is spending more time outside, (weather permitting) having a bone or just being with the other girls. She is never far from her babies  when she is inside and sits outside the whelping box...getting up frequently to have a sniff and just check that all is well. She is a very attentive mum.

Apologies for the late post tonight. We have 4 grandchildren with us for a few days and as delightful as it is watching their interaction and cuddles with puppies and Coco time has just got away from me today . I will ring everyone very soon and start making times for our open day visit.

Hope you enjoy this week's photos



Our little ones are 3 weeks old tomorrow...just thought I would surprise everyone and put the photos up early. This week has seen big changes in our babies...they can now see, hear and are up on all fours wobbling around the whelping box. They have become quite vocal, especially when Coco puts her head over the edge of the whelping box to check on them, they smell her and all wake up and start running around the box to seek her out...very distracting when you are in the middle of a netflix movie!  The puppies are showing more color in their ears, coats and above their back legs...when you come to choose your baby be guided by the ear color to suggest final coat color in a few years. Puppies have continued to put on weight in a very pleasing way:  our biggest boy weighing in at 1.986 kilos and our biggest girl at 1.870kilos, our littlest born now weighs 1.585kilos and the smallest girl weighing in  at 1.573 kilos.  I have noticed that their teeth are about to erupt through their gums and so it won't be long before we introduce a  tiny amount of food and start to wean Coco...it will be at this stage that they leave our house and move to their outside home. Coco will be here for you to meet at our open weekend, despite her family missing her very much.

It was lovely to see Coco's family late today for another emotional visit with their beloved girl. Coco is now only feeding evey few hours and has spent an increased amout of time outside meeting the cows, sheep and helping in the garden!

I hope that you enjoy seeing each puppy up close...but please be understanding as it is not always easy to take a super shot as they get a little uncomfortable being out of the box...some just sit and others are off! Please don't set your heart on a particular pup based on the photos, as they grow and change so much every week...it is not long until your will meet your newest family member ...I have organised some times for visiting but will finalise the rest this week.

Once again, I would like to thank you for those reconfirming emails that I receive re the posts and photo updates...it is lovely to have such positive families on my list. Please enjoy this week's photos.



Four weeks old today! It is now time to move our little ones to their out side house...they have become very confident and cheeky, peeking up over the side of the whelping box and trying to get out. This week's photos are the last you will see inside our house. They are all ready for greater adventures and TOYS! Their new area is all set up and although they have been outside today I whisked them all back inside when it started to rain tonight...it is so warm next to the fire!

Our little ones have started on a small amount of soaked kibble with lactose free milk, twice a day...this will slowly increase over the next weeks until they are having a larger amount each meal and 3 meals a day, with meat and veggies. Coco is still happily  feeding her pups but we have started to cut down  her milk supply by letting her feed them after the puppies have eaten...they then drink less from her and her supply starts to decrease. Coco is not sad about this as she now only comes to see her pups to make herself comfortable and then she is off, rubbibg noses with the lambs.

The vet has been today and checked each pup...each has been given a thumbs up and a microchip and Coco also received a  post partum check and a clean bill of health after her delivery.

This week has seen more nail trimming and worming tablets. This week's weigh was also very pleasing with all pups over 2kilos with our largest at 2.7 kilos and our smallest at 2.1kilos

Everyone should have received their emails detailing the visiting times for this weekend...please try to arrive as close to time as allocated, as the next excited family, will arrive on the hour after you and it is very awkward if you are late and the next family who was on time has to wait! I have also included the first drop of puppy  notes for you to read...please print  these out and bring with you with any questions written on the back for me to answer...some times we all forget to ask about something we are worried about in all the excitement. Besides meeting and cuddling  your pup you will be shown all the revelant documentation relating to the parents of your newest family member. I will also ask you about a convenient pick up time on the Monday 26th or Tuesday 27th of August, when your pups are 8 weeks old ...unfortunately, I am not allowed to let them go on the preceeding Saturday/Sunday as we follow the strict guidelines of DOGS VICTORIA.  Also, I  don't like to let the pups go after 2pm on the day of pickup as I feel that they settle much better if they have time to eat, sleep and play before bed. I also find a much smoother transition if you are able to arrange for someone to be home for a couple of days after their arrival. Have a think about where your little one is going to sleep when he/she first arrives home as I will discuss this with you on the weekend. Enjoy this week's photos!



What a busy but rewarding weekend we all had! It was wonderful to meet all the new families and their members. Our puppies and I,  are really loving all the new toys and today's beautiful warmth and sunshine. Coco has returned home to her family ...much to their excitement. She has been a beautiful mother and Katie and Mike a wonderful family to work with throughout Coco's journey into motherhood...thankyou both so much for trusting us with you precious girl.


I think that this week's photos just about say it all...however I would just like to have a quick say about Puppy School before the pup's have had all their injections and developed their own immunity to these diseases that can be fatal...why would you take a chance? You can quietly do so much training at home...start reading articles about how to train you pup  for good behaviour. The Golden Retriever Face Book page has references  to several articles, google and read discussions...you will know when the right training method for you and your family appears. Refer to my puppy notes and read the next lot on pickup day ...these tips are based on years of experience from families and things they have been through. Golden Retrievers are happy little pups who want to be near you and want to please they are very responsive to quiet and consistent training.


I will send the sales contract for you to read shortly and the name of the CD that you can play to your pup for helping your pup not to react with loud noises...on the weekend you saw some of the methods that we have already instigated. One of the things that I ask in the contract is to take your little one to your vet within 72 hours to get a confirmation that all is well...I will also have a health certicate from my vet for you ...so you may want to make a convenient appointment early.

Just remember that your pup does not touch public ground, especially inside and outside of the vet surgery...take your own towel and make sure that your puppy's feet only come into contact with that towel.

On pick up day you will receive an exact diet sheet of exactly what the puppies are eating ...these pups are on meat mince, not chicken mince... freeze chicken necks in small parcels for your convenience and easy thawing.

Five weeks old today our puppies are all over 3 kilos. They  are all gobbling down their food as some of you were lucky to see over the weekend.

Please don't hesitate to ring if you have any concerns...there is no such thing as a silly question.



 Coco's  babies are 6 weeks old today and we have just said goodnight to our trusty vet who has travelled to us tonight to vaccinate and health check our little ones...each passed their check with flying colors. The pups are now well settled on their food having 3 meals a day : soaked kibble , meat and wheatbix with milk ( lactose free) for breekie. Meat and soaked kibble for lunch with soaked kibble, pumpkin, broccolli and meat for tea .Pups are doing well with our big fella (black) weighing in at 4.5 kilos and our smaller female( greeen) weighing in at 3.87 kilos ...everyone else is sitting about the 4kilos mark...so I am very happy with progress. None of the pups has shown any reaction to their food except to hoover it up!  We will hopefully increase the size and variety of veggies and introduce some crushed chicken necks and a sardine or two, in the next week.

As you can see from the photos the pups have spent their week playing with each other and their toys. They have all figured out the doggie door with me on the inside and outside calling them through ...they are SO easy to train! Desipte the rain,  wind and cold the pups have had their heater on at night and have beeen happy snuggling up to each other. We even went out on the grass for a play. 



Seven weeks old today, I can hardly believe that we have reached this milestone so quickly. Our puppies have continued to thrive this week with our biggest boy weighing in tonight after tea at 6.6 kilos and our smallest girl at 5.45 kilos. Pups are still on 3 meals a day. Breakfast : soaked kibble , weetbix with water ( lactose free milk if you wish) and meat . Lunch; soaked kibble with veggies and meat ( occassionally add a sardine) Dinner ; soaked kibble meat and a crushed chicken neck with a few veggies.  I have  not introduced rice or pasta to this litter at this stage...perhaps you may like to add a desert spoon full to a meal if you have some left over from your dinner Despite the weather we have managed several adventures outside the puppy house, experiencing different surfaces and exploring the garden. Nudge and Kefa have spent time with the pups this week and enjoy playing and socialising with them...Nudge gave a gentle growl when the pups decided to eat her tail...they backed off briefly then were back for another game!

Emails have been sent out confirming pickup days and  times.  Last week I  emailed everyone with a Puppy Sales Agreement...please ring if you have any questions...You will be asked to sign a copy of this on Pickup Day. 

On pickup day, I suggest that you bring an old towel and nurse your pup in the car...they will be a little frightened as they have not been in a car before. Please remember to bring a USB if you would like a copy of all the photos. And lastly, have 1and 1/2 cups of dry food ,pre soaked with a small amount of cooked  veggies and some  meat,  ready to go when you get home, then you will be free to spend time playing and settling  your little one in. 



All puppies from this beautiful  litter have gone home with their forever families...to begin their amazing new life!