Dam: Glenyarra River Queen


DOB: 07/12/2107

HIPS: 5/4



Sire: Glenyarra Emperor


DOB: 01/07/2014

HIPS: 2/3



 I am a registered breeder with Dogs Victoria.


My member number: 3008682930.

 Please contact Dogs Victoria on email: to verify membership.


Pet Register Source no: RB109505


 I am also a  member of the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria.




Glenyarra is very happy to announce that Della now has 8 new babies...5 girls and 3 boys. After a text book  pregnancy and delivery, Della and her weighty puppies are all doing beautifully. 


The parents of each litter have been hip/elbow scored, have clear eye certificates and a healthy heart certificate, all available for you to view. Both Nelson and Della have current Health Certificates and a Clearance to Breed Certificate.


Puppies go home with a pedigree certificate, issued from Dog's Victoria. A puppy health certificate issued by my Vet, together with a vaccination cetificate. All puppies are microchipped. All new families receive a puppy information pack that includes; food suggestions and diet sheets, weight chart and loads of tips on raising and training a healthy and well adjusted pup.  All new families get  six weeks Free Petplan Health Insurance cover for their newest family member.




Tonight our puppies are 1 week old. I hope that you have enjoyed the photos posted after birthing and throughtout the week as much as we have enjoyed watching Della looking after her new babies and seeing them thrive each day. All the puppies have shown great weight gain almost doubling their large birth weights this week. Della has shown great dedication to her pups and is a wonderfully attentive Mum. For the first few days she did not want to leave them even for a toilet stop but is now happy to sit next to the whelping box for a few minutes before climbing back in to check on or feed her babies.

Of the 8 pups, 3 are boys...Orange, Green and Purple velcroe collars, all the rest are girls.  All puppies will have strong golden coat colour, the darkest being the yellow girl and Orange boy. All puppies have their eyes closed at this stage and use their keen sense of smell to know when Mum has entered the whelping box and find where she is. Pups cannot walk at this stage but drag their chubby bodies over to Della for a drink of milk. Della licks her puppies constantly, stimulating them to toilet, aiding digestion and keeping the box immaculately clean. She is aware and responsive to every squeak from her babies.

Please ring if you have any questions... as a question that you ask maybe something others are wondering about too! I will try to update each Sunday the latest Monday. Enjoy!



Our puppies are 2 weeks old today but we must also wish Della a 'Happy Birthday' as she was 2 years old yesterday!  A wonderful visit from Dr. Fiona, Della's owner, was enjoyed by Della, as Fiona came with treats, smiles and lots of cuddles, for both Della and her babies. As you can see from this week's photos the pups have continued to thrive all having wonderful weight gains and taking up more area of the whelping box floor. The puppies' eyes have just opened, although their vision is a little cloudly at this stage. And, it won't be long before they are hearing , as the ears also open up, this week.  All the pups  now have  little black noses,  not the pink ones they were born with and black feet pads as their pigmentation comes through. In the weeks to come their coat color will also appear on their ears, back of their legs and tail tips. Puppies are walking more steadily now and wake from sleeping when Della gets into the box and scurry around quite quickly  now looking for that elusive teat. Della has spent more time outside the box resting this week , not needing to feed as often. In the photos this week are some pictures of puppies' tongues which are red and wide...they wrap their tongues around the nipple and create a very strong suction when feeding...which is why they can continue to  drink when upside down.  Della has now started to sit up sometimes when feeding as it is becoming difficult to fit them all in while laying down...I try to assist with a layer of pups on top and one along the bottom. Puppies have had their nails trimmed this week so as not to scratch Della as the nails grow quickly and become like little needles. You may have noticed that some of the pups appear in photos without collars...unfortunately some of the velcroe was thicker and sharper than our usual collars and were rubbing and causing irritation so they were removed until we get some different collars. I will send out emails soon with the puppy notes and start to organize our Open Day times...hope fully before the Christmas crazies hit here. Please enjoy the photos of your little ones and their amazing development in just 14 days.



Our puppies are 3 weeks old today. This week has shown continued weight gain, as they all head toward 2 kilos. They are all walking  confidently around their whelping box and become very active and vocal when Della gets in to feed them. All pups have been wormed and have had their nails trimmed and filed again. Their eyes are open and they react to loud noises so their ears are definitely working. In the photos, you will see that their color is quite golden and color is starting to appear above their hips. Their teeth have just started to erupt from their gums so it will be time to introduce a small amout of soaked kibble this coming week.  They have all started to mouth each other to soothe their gums. This is funny to watch knowing that when the teeth finally come there will be some loud shrieks as they chew a little too vigorously on a litter mate...all part of the learning experience for them.  We have also put new collars on the pups that are softer...all pups have the same  collar color except the white girl who has changed to a pink collar. It is almost time to move our little gang to their outside house...which we have started to disinfect and prepare.

I have sent everyone the Puppy Care Notes to read and a time to visit us on our Open Weekend on the 4th and 5th of January. Please call if this does not suit you and we will come up with an alternative plan. And, once again please call  at anytime if you have any questions.

Please enjoy this week's is quite a challenge to take individual shots at this stage...some are better than others, but believe me they are are gorgeous.



Today,  we celebrated  the fact that our pups have reached the halfway mark of our journey together.  Another big week has seen the pups move outside to their new home. When pups start to climb out of the whelping box, we know it is time to move them to a larger area. Our puppies' new home has an inside and outside area all under roof.  At first, I use the playpen to limit how much space they have so that they feel secure and not threatened by this huge big new area. Every couple of days I increase the area that they have available to them. Today, I introduced the wood shavings, that will be their new flooring, for them to get used to... a different texture while leaving the mat in with them...this too will disappear soon.  A few toys have also been added. LITTLE STEPS! 

While this process of change happens, our pups have also started on a weeny amount of soaked Kibble.  The weaning process is also a slow and steady process of introducing food and helping them over time, not to be reliant on Mum. They still suckle from Della, at present, who now stands up to feed them. And when she is comfortable she is off playing with the other dogs outside. 

Today Della's owner came to visit and there were many cuddles given and giggles to be heard. Della had some time out from mothering and enjoyed some special time with Fiona and Jeremy.  

As you can all imagine with grandchildren staying and Christmas fast approaching life is very hectic...I hope to post some more pictures this week of our babies getting love, cuddles and being socialised with our guests.

Now that visitng times and puppy care notes have been sent , we are all organised and we look forward to meeting all of our new families at the Open Weekend .



Best Wishes for a safe and wonderful Christmas shared with your loved ones.




Five weeks old today, the pups have settled well in their new house and are eating 3 little meals a day. They appear to be going beautifully on the kibble showing good weight gain in the weaning phase.  All the pups are around the 3.3 kilo mark...I have never had such consistency in a litter. I did send out an email to everyone not to purchase the kibble as I had heard some rumors that the company had changed the formula and some breeders were not happy with far I am happy and have seen no  adverse reactions from the pups. I hope to confirm this with you next weekend.  This week the pups will start having some cooked mince and pumpkin. I will not be using pasta or rice with this litter...mainly used for Winter litters. I will not be using chicken necks either, due to all the recent, bad publicity. I have used these for 30 years and never had an issue! The latest advice from vets is not to feed raw meat either...another procedure I have followed for many years...still I guess I am never too old to change !*!

Della is now sleeping inside with us at night and is only feeding twice in the day. She will stop feeding them completely in the next couple of days.  After you have all met her next weekend she will also leave us and return home with Fiona...and we will miss her and her high fives. She has been a beautiful and tender Mum as you can see in this week's photos.

Next Saturday is predicted to be extremely hot so, we will not be sitting out on the grass but undercover near the puppy pen. The area where you will sit with puppies will have fine wood shavings on the floor. Although this is a wonderful medium for pups  and cleaning up after them, it sticks to everything. Please bring a spare old pair of socks that you could slip over your feet, then you can spend the trip home picking off the mulch!  Farm type clothing and definitely no heels would be a helpful tip. I am sorry make this request  but I will not allow shoes into the puppy area as they may carry nasty germs. I will also ask you and your family to use a hand sanitizer. And the last request is for you to be considerate of our little ones who find the heat draining and may not be runnning around full of life or frolicking with each other or their toys, as they obviously do in this week's photos. My vet has said he will try to squeeze in a visit to us before the weekend, when he returns from his Christmas break on Thursday. The pups are due for their first vaccination, microchip and health check.

Please remember to write down any questions that you may have on the back of the Puppy Care Notes that you have printed out. Don't forget a robust toy to leave that  will stand up to 3 puppies all pulling on it at the same buttons, metal or velcroe pockets that hide a squeaker.

Apologies for not posting photos of the granchildren with the puppies over Christmas as promised but things were so busy with the family and flying trips to Melbourne for dog matings I completely forgot. Please enjoy this week's photos and we look forward to meeting you all next weekend.



After a very exciting but tiring weekend I will post the rest of the photos and update the blog tomorrow...I have run out of words!!!!



Thankyou to all our new families who travelled down to spend time with us over the was lovely meeting you all and watching you interact with your newest familiy member. Due to be being involved with the fire situation Orange boy's family haven't been able to visit as yet...our thoughts are with you at this time. Pink girl's family are currently flying home from a holiday in the UK and will visit us this week for their long awaited meeting. Thankyou for all the well choosen toys that arrived on the weekend our puppies love them!

Our pups are eating 3 meals a day. Pumpkin, carrot, beans, and broccolli have been introduced along with cooked mince (3 star beef mince, from Coles or Aldi) and weetbix with breakfast.  Puppies are all over 4 kgs with the blue girl taking the lead at 4.53kgs for the first time. I have decided to stay with the recommended Kibble so when you are ready please purchase this. 

Please have another read of the puppy care notes again before you come on pickup day as they may answer some queries that you may have. A question yesterday on collars was a good one...your local reject store will have some fabric clip collars  that can be adjusted are of a good size and weight for your little one, approximately 30cms long. Leather collars with studs and a buckle are a bit ambitious at this stage! I do recommend sleeping your pup in your laundry for a few weeks  until they settle in...they love small, darker spots like a crate with blanklet over the top, a small kennel or large box with bedding inside. The small trampoline beds that we use here are also good. The best solution is cuddling up to another dog!

The question of whether or not to do puppy school has been raised again. Puppies do not have a full cover from Parvo until 10 days after all 3 vaccinations  have been had. However it is also important to socialise your puppy at this time...please choose a school carefully perhaps one that asks you for health certificate and vaccination details, makes people take shoes off and uses hand santizer. Ask them about their cleaning procedures. I am also dubious about taking pups to vets where sick dogs regularly attend. If you take your puppy to a vet please carry  them into the surgery from the car park, keep your little one in your arms and lay a towel from your house down on the examination table. Please watch some of the videos from 'That Dog Geek' to help you make your decision. They are fun to watch and educational.

Dog's Vic has requested that each breeder send out a Sales Contract to be signed by all families purchasing a puppy ...this will be emailed shortly. Please read it carefully and do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

We said goodbye to our amazing Della yesterday as she  was happily reunited with Fiona and returned home. Thankyou Fiona for raising such a well behaved and sensitive girl who has the biggest smile ever!



Seven weeks old today our puppies are doing very well. All puppies are over 5kilos and all are very settled on their 3 meals a day. We have had a busy week with many visitors and more attention from grandchildren. All this cuddling and exposure to people is wonderful for your pup's socialization. Even the adult dogs are now interacting with the pups on the grassed area...educating them on acceptable puppy play and behaviour...this is so important for your pup to learn.

As you can see the pups are more robust and playful than last week...they wrestle and rough house with each other until fun turns to trouble for one and once again the appropriate growl or shriek teaches the pups what is acceptable and what is not. Please do not confuse your pup by allowing it to bite you or your clothes as part of a in a few weeks you won't think it is so funny and you will change the rules! Pulling games and tapping around the mouth for a reaction is fun with a little pup but can also turn into a problem down the track.  Please don't do this...think carefully about the grown up golden you want and be calm, consistent and caring in your interaction with your little one from day 1. There are many wonderful videos that will help you on the net eg That Dog Geek...please research the many wonderful tips and advice that is available.


Please bring an old towel for pickup day as your pup will find comfort sitting in your arms. Puppies have not experienced the motion of a car before so it is quite likely that they will be car sick. I will not feed them before they leave as this may help a little ...please try and take your pup for short trips in the car the next few weeks with a reward or lots of positive love at the end...this is the way to get your pup to love being in the car with you. Please remember to have one to one and half cups of dry food presoaked before you leave home...this will be the basis of the next 3 meals with a small amount of pumpkin/ carrot or sweet potatoe/ potatoe or beans /broccolli with cooked mince /weetbix...sorry about all the 'ors' but I have had people add all of the above for one meal ...too much! You will all receive a diet sheet detailing what the pups have been eating for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think it would be wise to closely  follow my feeding regime for some weeks before making any changes.

By now everone will have received their Puppy  Sales Agreement as recommended by Dog's Victoria, our governing body for all breeders. Please ring me if you have any questions. May I ask that read, print out and sign. Please bring it with you on pickup day so I can sign it too. As we have a couple of families who live great distances away and I like my pups to be home early afternoon...I believe they settle well  the first night when they have had time to eat, sleep and play in their new home, you may be sharing your information session with another familiy. Please write down any concerns that you may have and we can discuss them. May I also ask that you try to arrive at your allocated time as there is a lot to get through in the hour and it doesn't seem fair to make the next person wait after travelling and then have to wait because you were late. And lastly, don't forget a USB to get a copy of all the photos of the pups that I have taken in the 8 weeks...more than are posted on the website!



Thankyou to all our new has been a pleasure watching the care and love you have lavished on your newest family members. I will be in touch shortly to seee how you are all managing...please don't hestitate to call if you have any questions. Can't wait to hear all those special stories!