Dam: Glenyarra Shine Bright


DOB: 27/01/2016

HIPS: 3/6



Sire: Dorehytes Robin Hood


DOB: 13/01/2014

HIPS: 0/1



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Glenyarra is very happy to announce that Kimba has delivered 10 healthy babies. Born a day early, we have 6 beautiful boys and 4  gorgeous girls! Mum, pups and myself are doing very well... tired but happy!


The parents of each litter have been hip/elbow scored, have clear eye certificates and a healthy heart certificate, all available for you to view.


Puppies go home with a pedigree certificate, vet health check and proof of vaccination card, a microchip and a puppy information pack that includes; food, diet sheets, weight chart and loads of tips on raising and training a healthy and well adjusted pup.  Free Petplan Health Insurance coverage for six weeks.



Our babies are one week old today and have shown wonderful progress. Birth weight range was approx 350 gms to 470gms  a week ago and today this range is 790 gms to 1.1kilos. Kimba has been amazing, she is so gentle with her pups cleaning them meticulously and tenderly. Often with such a big litter the mums can get a little anxious and be a little vigorous but Kimba is beautiful and loves to lie curled around them and sleep, sometimes even snoring! The pups are born with pink noses and feet pads but a study of the photos taken over the first week clearly show the black pigmentation that has come through. The puppies' eyes are closed  and ears sealed at this stage. They are able to smell Kimba and become very active when she gets into the whelping box...dragging themselves over to her to suckle. The pups have spent this first week either drinking or sleeping...that's how they have put on so much weight. Kimba has also spent most of the week either feeding or sleeping. When she goes to toilet outside she only does what she needs to and then is very keen to get back to her babies. Just today I took a photo as I noticed that she sat outside the box but sat watching the pups. A good look at the photos show that most of the litter have some gold in their coloring and I think they have even colored up since birth! Please enjoy this week's photos.



Two weeks today, our little ones are going well  with the birth weight range 1.2kgs to 1.5kgs. Kimba is amazing ...when she feeds there are two levels of pups; upper and lower as they all jostle for one of the 10 teats. I work up quite a sweat helping to hook them on and trying to find the one not in use, for the one pup who can't find the spare one! Kimba is so gentle and tolerant allowing me to adjust her body position and tolerating my help...she loves to mother our older pups when she is outside having a rest from her inside duties and they are playing on the grass. It was lovely to see Kimba's family Cherly and Robert last weekend. Kimba's reaction was beautiful as she lay all over them as though she wanted to soak them up  with a huge grin on her face...just beautiful. Thankyou both for making the long journey ,obviously she is really loved.

Our puppies' eyes are almost open as the eye and eyebrow become more defined. Puppies ears are still sealed although the ear flaps don't stick up but have folded over . Puppies are now trying to stand up and take weight on their feet for a few seconds and they make litttle squeaky barking type noises. Their color is really starting to come through too. I think the biggest change is how much area they  take up in the whelping box now. Kimba has to do some stragetic moves to find a clear spot to lay down.



Three weeks old today our pups are showing excellent progess. Weight range is great for such a large litter with the range being 1.6 kgs to 1.94kgs. As you can see from the photos  the pups' eyes are fully open and they can hear well ...If I scratch my nails over the sides of the box they instantly wake up and start running around, making lots of noise looking for their Mum! Their coats are changing as their fur grows and more color shows. The pups' ear color is also easier to see and now we can predict final coat color for the future. A pup with dark ears and a light body will eventually darken to a similar color to the ear. Puppies' teeth are starting to errupt from their gums and they spend time gently chewing on each other to soothe the discomfort. They still spend most of their time sleeping. Kimba is no longer feeding as frequently but gets into the box about every 4-5 hours. She now spends more time outside watching the cows and playing with our girls. She has even found a tennis ball and is always wanting to play fetch! It will soon be time to introduce some tiny bits of food to our little ones as the weaning process will begin in the next week.

I will send emails out in the next week, if all goes well , with times for our open weekend on the 24/25th March, when all our new families will visit and chose/meet their newest family member. I try very hard to accomodate all those people who have requested special days and times to the best of my ability...I do try to meet each family in the order of how long they have waited on the list. With that email will come an attachment of "The Puppy Care Notes" Please read carefully, print out and bring with you on the open weekend...write questions on the back as they arise please. You may also wish to take notes as we discuss best care or your pup into the future.



Four weeks old today our puppies have now moved from their whelping box to their outside area where they have more room to walk and run. They are now ready for the stimulation of toys. Our little ones are now eating food quite well and no longer try to suck up their food. Two little meals a day at this stage just gets their litttle systems ready to adjust from Mum's feeding of milk onto solids. Kimba has done a super job of raising her little ones but it is now time to wean the pups over the next week as the 10 little ones are starting to take their toll on Kimba as she is now showing signs of weight loss...despite the mountain of kibble. meat, rice and chicken necks she eats daily!  Puppies continue to gain weight with our range 2.2kgs to 2.6kgs. If you study the photos you can see the strong ear color on many of them indicating their future body color. Puppies have had their nails trimmed again this week and have been wormed.

Emails have gone out this week with times for our open weekend...after a bit of tweeking I think everyone is happy. Thankyou to those people who confirmed their time and for all the lovely comments on the website updates. It is lovely to have such positive feedback.

OPEN WEEKEND: we are on a pretty tight time schedule. Each family can have up to an hour with their pup...please try to arrive as close as possible to your allocated time so the following family is not penalised in any way. It is also a great idea to bring a robust toy to leave with us to absorb the smells of the pen and your puppy's siblings...we find that having this aide helps your pup with the settling in process at your home. Enjoy the photos. Remember you can take photos from the website and you can also bring a usb on pickup day for your copy of all the website photos.



Five weeks old today ...the pups are growing beautifully with our biggest boy well over 3kilos. The pups are eating three meals a day and this week we have introduced weetbix and some minced beef to their meals. The little ones have been weaned from Kimba and had their last feed. Kimba will return to her home shortly and resume her special place in the family. Please do not purchase the suggested dry food in the puppy notes as I have decided to try a different brand with this litter and will advise at a later date what you should purchase with plenty of time to be ready before your pup comes home. Our trusted vet is booked for Monday, next week, to microchip our pups before our open weekend on the 24th and 25th of March. Please enjoy this week's photos... as we marvel at how they  grow and change so much  in just 7 days!



This week's update of photos will in 2 parts. Due to fact that all our new families are coming this weekend to visit I will post photos of each pup and their new family, probably late Sunday after everyone has visited. I will post just a few cute photos tonight of our pups at 6 weeks.

The pups have been microchipped and had their health check but have not been vaccinated  as yet as they have only turned 6 weeks today. Our vet will return next week for the vaccinations. Because of this you will be asked to remove your shoes before going into the viewing area and playing with the pups. I do have a large mat for you to sit on but you may like to bring a change of socks to put on as the wood shavings may stick a little to the ones you wear in.

We have had a lovely week with pups really doing well since  being weaned from Kimba, who has returned home. Our little ones devour three meals a day ...they eat soaked dry food with weetbix for breakie, soaked dry  kibble with rice, meat and pumpkin for lunch and dinner. This week we will increase the amount of food and try some other veggies and chicken necks. I will send emails out next week to confirm your pickup times and exactly which brand of dry food and where to order it for the best price, free delivery and Breeder discount when you type in a special code I will give you. 

Don't forget to bring a toy to leave with your newest family member! Looking forward to putting faces to the lovely people that I have spoken with over the phone.



Last weekend was a very enjoyable, as we met most  of our new families and watched you all interacting and bonding with your newest family member.The puppies tell me that they can't wait to come home and play with all the girls and boys (big and little ones)!  Thankyou for all the  wonderful you can see from this week's photos they are all very popular. Our vet came on Monday night to health check and vaccinate all the puppies. All puppies passed with flying colors.

Emails have been sent out confirming pickup days and  times. Information  on what dry food to purchase was also contained in the email. This week I will email everyone with a Puppy Sales Agreement...please ring if you have any questions...You will be asked to sign a copy of this on Pickup Day.

On pickup day ,I suggest that you bring an old towel and nurse your pup in the car...they will be a little frightened as they have not been in a car before. Please remember to bring a usb if you would like a copy of all the photos. And lastly, have 1and 1/2 cups of dry food pre soaked with rice, veggies and some  meat,  ready to go when you get home, then you will be free to spend time settling  your little one in. 

HAPPY EASTER to you all safely!