Dam: Glenyarra Lola De La Mer


DOB: 16/05/2017

HIPS: 2/3



Sire: Glenyarra  Emperor


DOB: 01/07/2014

HIPS: 2/3


 I am a registered breeder with Dogs Victoria.


 My member number: 3008682930. 

 Please contact Dogs Victoria on email: to verify membership.

Pet Register Source no: RB109505

 I am also a  member of the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria.




Glenyarra is delighted to announce that Lola has safely delivered 6 new babies: 1 female and 5 males... 2 days early, on Easter Sunday morning!  Mum and babies  are well and healthy...settling in beautifully under our watchful around the clock monitoring...Please be patient if you are on the waiting list as I will make notification phone calls over the next few days when we catch up on our much needed sleep. Enjoy the birthing photos.



The parents of each litter have been hip/elbow scored, have clear eye certificates and a healthy heart certificate, all available for you to view. Both the Sire and Dam of this litter have a current Health Certificate and a Clearance to Breed Certificate.


Puppies go home with a pedigree certificate, issued from Dog's Victoria. A puppy health certificate issued by my Vet, together with a vaccination cetificate.


All puppies are microchipped.


All new families receive a puppy information pack that includes; food suggestions and diet sheets, weight chart and loads of tips on raising and training a healthy and well adjusted pup.  


All new families get  six weeks Free Petplan Health Insurance cover for their newest family member.




Welcome to all our new families. Please enjoy this week's photos/update and I look forward to meeting you all on Face Time or Skype later this week... and introducing you to Lola and her babies

Our babies are 1 week old today and are all thriving. Puppies are all feeding well and Lola has a good milk supply. Weight range at birth was 414 gms to 519 gms today our weight range was 859 gms to 1.07 kilos.

At this stage puppies eyes and ears are closed over so they cannot see or hear...they find their mother by using their sense of smell.  Mostly, this works very well but this sometimes mean that they crawl off in the wrong direction...then Lola makes a noise that lets me know that she is not happy and I go and pick up the confused puppy and place it back close to her.

Puppies are born in a special place that we call a whelping box and stay in this whelping box for the next few weeks, until they outgrow it and move out of our dining room to a special puppy house outside of our home with more room and lots of toys.

Puppies cannot walk yet but are very strong and can drag their fat little bodies around the whelping box, in search of that beautiful milk that makes them grow so well.

When puppies are born they have pink noses and pink feet will notice in the photos that their pigmentation has already come through  and they have gone black.

Just as a clarification the puppy with the pink collar is a girl and all the rest are boys.



It has been lovely meeting you all over the weekend and having a Face Time  where you all met lovely  Lola and her beautiful little babies. This is the first time we have done a call at such an early stage in the puppies' development. Thankyou for all the well thought out questions. It was delightful from my end to watch all those emotional responses.  We will definitely do another very soon and you will see how quickly they progress.


Our little ones are 2 weeks old today. Weight range is very pleasing...from our little orange boy born at 414 gms...who has grown to 1.19kilos to our pink girl born at 510 gms  who has grown to 1.43 kilos with the rest between these two. The puppies' eyes are just starting to open ...the orange boy winning the race here! The puppies have had their little sharp nails trimmed again today, as well as receiving their first worming tablet. As you may have seen in call time they still  spend most of their time piled up together sleeping until Lola gets in to check on them or feed them. Then those little bundles of dreaming bliss wake up and go crazy, making plently of noise and wobbling around on their feet in a very unsteady fashion trying to find her...their ears have not opened at this stage and even though their eyes are open their vision is blurry.

Lola now spends more time out of the whelping box lying under our dining room table, lying on my feet while I use the computer  or out with our other girls enjoying a bone or the sunshine. When Lola is in with her pups she is  most attentive and as you saw in call time so gentle and calm with her babies...a beautiful Mum!  Enjoy this week's photos.



Three weeks old today our little ones have shown great progress over the last week. Eyes and ears are working well as I discovered when I vaccumed close to the whelping box, as they all scampered away! They are now up on all fours and are moving quickly. When Lola gets in they all wake suddenly and run all over the box looking for her. Lola has great difficulty in finding a clear space in the whelping box to lay down to feed them...I assist by holding them back until she can settle herself. She will start to sit up to feed soon, as they can barely all find the space to fit between her front and back legs when feeding now. Puppies are still showing good weight gain with our little Orange boy weighing in at 1.53 kilos and the  little Red boy weighing in at 2.01 Kilos this week. The puppies' teeth are coming through and you can see in the photos that  they are starting to gently chew on each other to soothe their gums. It won't be long before we offer them  a tiny amount of food. Puppies all stay awake for longer now after a feed but still spend most of their time asleep. They have all become vocal now ...what started out as strange squeaks and squawks has now turned into the occassional bark! I think even they get a big fright when that happens. The pups' fur is getting longer and their ears are showing more color...ear color, color on the back of the legs and tip of the tail are all good indicators of the final coat color along their backs in the years to come. 


 I trust everyone received the Puppy Care Notes and copies of the revelant Certificates of the Sire and Dam, that were emailed to you today. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any queries or you did not receive your email.



Four weeks old today and as one little girl told me only 28 sleeps to go! Once again a big week for our pups who moved from the busy whelpng box out to their new inside space outside. I will send a video of the puppy house when the sun comes out, so you can see how spoiled they are. The puppy house consists of an indoor and outdoor area all under cover and a play yard, which is not covered. When the pups move from the familiar space of the whelping box they move to only half of the inside room for a couple of days and then as they grow in confidence they have the whole room to themselves. They then progress to add the ouside undercover area to their territory... at present it is too cold for this next step.

Lola has started to wean her puppies only feeding  3  times in 24 hrs standing up to do so. So with those clues we knew it was time to introduce some soaked kibble a couple of times a day. And the pups have taken to eating and not sucking very successfully , which is not always the case. Our puppies' weight gain was good. Our little Orange boy weighed in at 2.06 kilos with the Red and Black males leading the way with 2.67 and 2.64 kilos respectively. Once again the puppies' nails were clipped today and they had their 2nd worming tablet.

I hope that the vet will pay us a visit in the next 2 weeks, for a Microchip, Vaccination and Health Check... I will then make contact, after he has looked over the puppies, with each family re a suitable day for a Face Time call  to choose/meet your pup. I will not book an exact time but will wait for a sunny day when you can see the pups when they are active and playing.

Can I ask for each family to email me their address as I need this information for the pet insurance, please.

As the pups are now outside and starting to play with toys , it is now time to send your toy if that is what you have opted to do ...otherwise I have purchased some new toys for the little ones... if I can get them off Lola!

I do hope you enjoy this week's photos.  I will  send some more videos this week as they become more active and playful in their new house.



 What a beautiful weekend it has been catching up with family in this glorious weather, now that the restrictions have eased...I hope that you have all enjoyed this special time.

Our puppies are five weeks old today and have enjoyed the sunshine streaming into their puppy house. Unfortunately, we are quite water logged, even though we live on a hill the ground is quite wet and a little too sodden for our babies to play on at the moment. Puppy weight range is 2.85kilos to 3.75 kilos, so all doing very well. Pups are now on three meals a day and seem quite settled, on the soaked kibble. We will start to add veggies and some cooked mince in the coming week. Lola has finished feeding her babies and has been enjoying our outings to the beach and walking on the bike track but will leave us this week to return to her loving  family... we thank Linda and Stuart for the love that they have raised Lola with and the work that they have put into to making her so well mannered, affectionate and so eager to please. She truly has been a wonderful mother and a pleasure spend time with.

The vet has checked and microchipped the puppies but will return after the pups are 6 weeks to vaccinate and do a thorough health examination. As I mentioned I will contact you towards the end of the week to arrange a suitable day to have a FT call.

Please remember to send your address if you wish to get the free 6 week pet insurance.. I will send through some more videos this week and hopefully this will help you when the time comes to choose.


Our puppies are 6 weeks old today. The puppies have been microchipped and the vet will return this week to give them their vaccinations and a thorough health check. Lol has returned home  to her family and the puppies are now well settled on three meals a day. At present they are eating the soaked kibble, pumpkin ,carrots and beans...and loving it. All puppies have continued to gain weight this week putting on  between 700 to 800 grms each.  Two large donut bowls have now been introduced at meal times to allow the slower eaters to get a full meal.

The weather has been cold and wet but the puppies now have a larger area under cover in which to run and play with each other and their toys. Thankyou to those families who have choosen their special toys, slept with them and then forwarded them through the mail. The pups have loved them!

The Face time calls went very well and each familiy has now choosen their newest family member...and everyone is counting the days until they can take their little one home. Each puppy now has a name instead of a collar color.

Over the next week I will continue to send videos and will start to make calls to discuss socialization tips and training strategies in this current Covid climate. I have included a picture of the CD that I play each day to help de sensitise the pups to noises. I recommend The Dog Geek videos on the internet for you to watch together with your children. Please read widely on how to train your pup with the basics of SIT STAY GIVE and important in the first few weeks.  It is good practise to discuss, as a family , how to approach your training so that each family member is on the same page... quiet consistency is  the recipe for success.



Our little ones are seven weeks old today and are so ready for all the love and individual attention that they will receive from their new families in a week. The big news this week is that our Orange boy Bailey has taken the record for the most weight  gained in the last week! He now weighs 4.7kilos. The heaviest pup is the red boy, Baxter weighing in at 5.6 kilos, the otherpups are over 5kilos.

Our vet visited this last week and vaccinated the pups. All pups had a health check and passed well.

 I have now arranged pickup times with everyone for next Sunday. It was great to chat to you all in lengthy phone calls about sleeping arrangements, diet requirements and training tips. I enjoyed our discussion about introducing pups to rabbits, chooks, kittens and other goldies at home.

I do recommend researching socialization activities and training methods on the internet until you find the approach that sits comfortably with your personality. Remember a consistent appproach from all family members will be the most effective. Puppies are so cute, little and vunerable when  they first come home but they do need training in acceptable behaviour, this takes patience , consistency, a lot of time and focused stepped planing to acheive desired outcomes. I have some good articles that I will send through this week on posssible speed bumps that you may encouter. Please remember to send back the Salses agreement signed that has been sent to you. 

Sorry that the post is a little late tonight but we had a lovely visit again today from Lola's family who spent time nuturing and playing with the pups ... delighting over the progeny that Lola/ Nelson have produced.



Eight weeks old today our little ones have 'flown the Coup' as it were and have all left us to go with their beautiful families to their new homes ...and the adventures and life experiences that await them...that is after their first car ride.  Weights this week were wonderful with several puppies over 7.5 kilos and Bailey reaching the finishing line with a last minute catch up dash at  5.85kilos. We wish you all well...and will talk to you all in 24hrs!