Dam: Glenyarra Missy Love


DOB: 22/02/2013

HIPS 2/1



Sire: Glenyarra Keata Zing


DOB: 07/03/2008

HIPS 2/1



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Meg on the prowl   Proud Meg   Meg in waiting   Zane   Happy Zane   Zane



Glenyarra is delighted to announce the safe delivery of 7 healthy pups by caesarian birth.  Meg is a gorgeous Mum and is accepting and caring for these little ones beautifully.  Enjoy the photos of babies only minutes old.


More photos added today. Meg is up and about...  her appetite has returned! She loves her new babies and is a really attentive mum.  Puppies are suckling well and showing steady weight gain.

We look forward to meeting all the new families this weekend.


Our puppies are now a week old.They still have their eyes and ears closed.  They use their little noses to smell their mother's milk and crawl on their fat little bellies to their mother for a drink.

They do not have teeth but wrap their red tongues around her teat and suck very strongly.  Most pups have doubled their weight this week which is very pleasing. Birth weights ranged from 405gms-595gms, a week later the range is now 752gms-1120gms.

It was lovely to meet the new families over the weekend.  Thankyou for your effort to come.



The second week of our puppies' lives has gone very quickly. They have continued their steady weight gain with the range now between 1.1kgs and 1.6 kilos. They certainly take up more room in the whelping box. Their eyes are beginning to open and they can now see their Mum for the first time! Their fur is longer and they feel softer to cuddle. They have had their first pedicure, as their nails get long and can scratch Meg. They have also had their first worming tablet. Can you see in the new photos how their nose and feet pads are going black? Meg now spends a little more time outside enjoying the sunshine.



Puppies are three weeks old today. They have grown and changed so much! Their eyes are open and they can now hear, especially when I vaccum in their room. They are now doing a woobly walk around their box, very often losing their balance and rolling over. Their coats are  longer and softer and their coloring is begining to show through. They are experimenting with their voices and all sorts of peculiar sounds now come from their room.

Can you see their black noses and paw pads in the photos...remember how pink they were when they were born? Puppies now really look like little dogs. Their weight range varies from 1.750 kilos to 2.175 and you need two hands to give them a cuddle.



Four weeks old today!  As you can see from the new photos our little ones have moved outside to their puppy pen. They have a lot of exploring to do with a new bed, sand floor and toys to play with. Meg is still feeding  her babies 4 times a day and has camped out with her pups at night over the last few days, but that will change as we start to wean her this coming week. The pups have also started to eat a weeny amount of food  twice a day. And, of course the puppies are now big enough to wear their own colourful collars...don't they look grown up?



HAPPY EASTER  to all of our puppies' families, we hope that you had an enjoyable day and experience no after affects! The vet will  be here  April 14th , when the pups have turned 6weeks for a health examination and your puppy's first vaccination. Puppy selection weekend will  then follow on APRIL 18th and 19th.   You will receive the puppy information sheets (set one ) this week in your email . As we would like you to select your pup in the order that you were waiting on the list, I will endeavour to schedule selection times accordingly. If you have a difficulty in your allocated time please ring me. As the times are set 1 hr apart . Please try to arrive on time so you don't upset the family behind you that does arrive on time. Thankyou. Enjoy this weeks photos! And, a big thankyou to those lovely people who email each week re the photos...I love taking them but I enjoy your feedback!



Six weeks! A big week for our pups with their first thorough health examination and vaccination from the vet tomorrow. Our puppies have already had their microchip and their pedigree papers have already arrived so we are on track with our expected departure date at this stage. Pups are coping well with their meals and bolt each one down like it is their last. They are eating soaked kibble, cooked chicken and pasta. I will introduce chicken necks, sardine and raw chicken  over the next two weeks.  I trust everyone has received the first dispatch of puppy notes? Please bring along all your questions, a labelled USB and a blanket /toy.

We look forward to seeing you all again and hope it is a sunny day so we can enjoy the pups this weeknd as we did with our grandchildren last weekend! Check out the new photos.



What a weekend! It might have been raining, wet and cold ouside but inside all I could see were smiles, sandy feet and warm hearts. A big thankyou for all being so flexible and to all those who kept hitting their heads on the roof I hope you do not have any ill effects today...which just happens to be perfect weather! Well everything is set for Sunday. I will send a confirmation email of your pickup time. Please ring if you have any last minute questions. We will spend some time going through your folder on  Sunday. A big thankyou for all the toys, blankets and towels...they are very lucky puppies




The parents of each litter have been hip/elbow scored, have clear eye certificates and a healthy heart certificate, all available for you to view.


Puppies go home with a pedigree certificate, vet health check and proof of vaccination card, a microchip and a puppy information pack that includes; food, diet sheets, weight chart and loads of tips on raising and training a healthy and well adjusted pup.  Free Petplan Health Insurance coverage for six weeks.


Remember to bring a memory stick on pickup day for your copy of all of the web photos.