Dam: Glenyarra Tierlan Lass


DOB: 01/03/2015

HIPS: 2/3



Sire: Dorehytes Robinhood


DOB: 13/01/2014

HIPS: 0/1



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Molly - Proud Molly - Sweet Molly- Bush

Shilo Shilo lounging Shilo running




Glenyarra is very happy to announce that Molly has surprised us all and delivered her pups early. Molly has 4 new babies; 2 boys and 2 girls. They are very large puppies with strong , golden color. Molly and her pups are doing beautifully. All the puppies have been spoken for.


The parents of each litter have been hip/elbow scored, have clear eye certificates and a healthy heart certificate, all available for you to view.


Puppies go home with a pedigree certificate, vet health check and proof of vaccination card, a microchip and a puppy information pack that includes; food, diet sheets, weight chart and loads of tips on raising and training a healthy and well adjusted pup.  Free Petplan Health Insurance coverage for six weeks.



Welcome  Meisha, Linda, Andrew, Katie and families to Glenyarra. Well,our pups are now a week old. All of are babies are doing extremely well, as you would expect, as they have little competition for their milk. Birth weights for our girls were 590gms and 700gms, they are now 1218gms and 1370gms. Our boys' birth weights were 650gms and 690gms and are now 1371gms and 1397gms. The pups spend their time eating and sleeping and I think they are the quietest little bunch I have ever had...I almost forget that they are here. Molly surprized us all by delivering her babies 2 days early...guess she just couldn't wait to meet them!

Despite being a first time Mum, Molly has been calm and very competent with her babies. A big thankyou to Ben and Kim for all the love and care that has been lavished on Molly...she is now passing it forward to us and her pups. Thankyou too for the lovely photos that you took during your visit, we are enjoying them.



Puppies are 2 weeks old today, and as you can see from this week's photos their eyes have just started to open. The eyes are still glazed over and sight is not good at this stage. The puppies' noses and the pads of their feet have gone black...a big change from the red ones that they are born with. They are still  spending their time eating, sleeping and growing. This week our girls weigh in at 1896gms and 1980gms. Our boys weigh in at  2030gms and 2070gms. They are definitely thriving.

Molly is spending time out of the whelping box having restful naps when she is not feeding. She enjoys her morning romp with all of our girls as we walk our driveway...about 1 km. She loves lounging on the grass with her bone each permitting!

Thankyou to the new families that have sent through their choosen names. I will try and label the photos with those names or family name. This is the  beauty of only having 4 babies, as alike as they are, they are so individual and I am enjoying watching them develop. Lola was first to open her eyes and has started to make tiny little barking sounds. All puppies are trying to take weight on their feet, with varying degrees of success.



Three weeks old today, our pups have grown well, with the weight range now 2.5kgs to 3kgs, with the boys being the heaviest. Their eyes have opened and they can see quite well.  They spend a little more time awake, sitting up in their whelping box looking around for Mum and their next feed! Their ears are still sealed over and they are not hearing yet. Their teeth are moving up through their gums and errupting...just like human babies, they try to soothe their discomfort by mouthing and chewing...usually on each other. If you look carefully at this week's photos you will see them mouthing each other. We hear variety of noises coming out of the whelping box as they find and learn to use their voices. I do apologise for the quality of some of the photos... I am old and can't see well and the puppies  don't sit still!

Our Open Day will be the weekend of JULY 1ST. The vet has been booked for earlier that week to give the pup's a health check and then their first vaccination. I will be in contact with you as soon as I get  the 'all clear' to arrange a suitable time for you to visit. Please keep a day free over this open day weekend. I will give you your pup's care notes then and discuss with you the preparation details for your pick up day on JULY 11TH...when you take home your newest family member. You might like to bring a strong and robust toy/ blanket to leave with us for a time so that when you take your pup home on the 11th of July, your blanket/toy will have some of the odors from brothers and sisters to go  with you...some families have even slept with the toy/blanket before they come ensuring the pups are familiar with human odors!



Four weeks old today. This week's photos tell the story of the last week. The pups have had their first taste of soaked dry food and loved it. Molly has had trouble fitting them all in for a drink, so she sits up patiently as they all jostle for a teat underneath her. You may notice they they are now taking up quite a lot of area in the whelping box. We have been busy preparing their outside room for their move this week. Hopefully, we will get some sunny days where it is not too wet underfoot and they can have a play on the grass. All pups are well over 3 kilos in weight. Usually at this time the pups are microchipped but because of the distance from my preferred vet, we will do the microchips, health check and vaccinations all in the one visit. Puppies have teeth, can see well and hear. They are walking confidently around the whelping box and we even see little faces appear over the sides as they  climb up and peer out into the world! We had a lovely visit from Molly's family, over the long weekend, who were delighted with the progress of Molly's babies. Over the next week, Molly will be weaned from her pups and return to Ben and Kim and Albie.



Five weeks old today. It has been a big week. Our babies moved outside to their own space, where they have more room to roll and wrestle with each other! Molly stopped feeding the pups this week so, they are totally on food. All puppies are now loving the soaked  kibble and minced, cooked chicken. The girls are now over 3.5 kilos with the boys coming in around 4 kilos. You may see that they are wearing collars: Lola's is pink, Coco's is purple, Max's is blue and Meisha's boy red. Coco's family visited and met their pup. Coco thanks you for her soft and warm blanket and her toy which all the pups love too. Thankyou to our other visitors, Mitch and Anna for the lovely photos and time they spent playing with the pups!



Six weeks old today. I can happily report that the vet has been and all the pups passed their health checks and have had their first vaccination. The pups were also microchipped. I have had some difficulty in uploading this week's photos so I will have another try tomorrow and hopefully the interent will be in a better mood. The pups have enjoyed their outside time on the grass as they can run and play with no restrictions, exploring the environment. The puppies are now devouring 3 meals a day and growing well. This week the weight range is between 4.1 and 4.7 kilos. The pups still sleep a lot but have long periods  when they just play with their toys and each other. I will try to send out the puppy care notes later this week so you can start to get organised for July 11th...when you will take home your newest family member.



Seven weeks old today. Apologies once again ,for being absent when you met your puppies. After talking to you all it sounds like my husband did a good job in my absence, as he has, looking after the pups while I'm up in Melbourne

thankyou Dave. As you saw, our big, little ones love their tucker! They continue to grow well and are full of energy...really loving playing on the grass. Nudge has taken over from Molly and is mothering and playing with them outside. Molly has settled in back at her home and is enjoying walks and relaxing. A huge thankyou again to Ben and Kim for allowing Molly to experience the fulfilment of motherhood! The puppies love their new toys and blankets and  they will be helpful for you next week in the settling process. Please read the puppy care notes carefully and make sure you are ready for your new is less stressful for all if you don't have to shop on the way home. If you would like to bring a USB, I would be happy to load all the web photos and more on  the pickup day. I will send  a confirmation email  to you very shortly, confirming your allocated time and asking you for some more information that I will need to register your pup for the 6 weeks Petplan Insurance. We have another folder of information and a more detailed diet sheet to talk about so please try to be on time, so we do not delay the next person when they arrive on time. Don't hesistate to ring if you have any concerns

the count down begins!

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