Dam: Glenyarra Kisser


DOB: 03/06/2013

HIPS: 3/12



Sire: Sisteam Jackson


DOB: 11/10/2011

HIPS: 2/2



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  Nellie   Nellie   Nellie

  Jackson   Jackson   Jackson





Glenyarra is delighted to announce that gorgeous NELLIE has become a Mum. Nellie delivered her new babies on Wednesday, January 27th. We have 9 new puppies, 6 females and 3 males. All healthy and suckling well. Please enjoy these first photos of the newborns, and follow their progress over the coming weeks. All puppies from this beautiful litter are spoken for.  


The parents of each litter have been hip/elbow scored, have clear eye certificates and a healthy heart certificate, all available for you to view.


Puppies go home with a pedigree certificate, vet health check and proof of vaccination card, a microchip and a puppy information pack that includes; food, diet sheets, weight chart and loads of tips on raising and training a healthy and well adjusted pup.  Free Petplan Health Insurance coverage for six weeks.




Because our power is out for the day tomorrow, I have choosen to post the weekly update a day early!

Nellie is a calm and attentive Mum, she has settled into this new role with confidence, showing wonderful natural abilities of caring for her babies.. As you can see in the photos she licks her puppies frequently to stimulate them to toilet and then cleans up! The pups cannot see but their little noses ,which are constantly sniffing out a teat to suckle, have a highly developed sense of smell. The pups have grown very well this week on Nellie's super milk. Birthweights ranged from approx.  250gms to 440gms. Now, a week later we have a weight range from 540gms to 870gms. If you look at the photos you can see their growth in the space that they took up as newborns compared to the space that they now take up between her legs. Puppies cannot walk yet but demonstrate strength and determination to survive as they drag their fat little bodies around the whelping box to find that elusive teat. Puppies are born with red noses and pink pads on their feet . If you study the week 1 photos you may notice that their noses and feet have darkened as their pigmentation comes through. Thankyou to all of the families who travelled to meet Nellie and her was great to meet you all. We look forward to meeting you again in a few weeks.



Our babies are thriving. This week,  the weight range is 970 gms to 1.4 kgs. Nellie continues to be a clam and attentive Mum. As you can see from Week 2 photos she has spent time in between feeds out of the whelping box resting. Nellie has also enjoyed a bone or two outside in the sunshine. It is a little difficult to see in the photos but the puppies' eyes have started to open a little. They try very hard to walk but still have the is tricky to get those podgie tummies off the ground! It is interesting to compare the puppies sleeping habits, if is is cooler they all snuggle up together, sometimes  one on top of the other and when it is warmer they spread out all around the box happy in their own space. The puppies had their first worming and their nails cut today...much more comfortable for Mum. Can you see what color the noses and feet are now?



Nellie's pups have shown great progress in the last seven days. Their eyes are fully open, their ears have opened too as they respond everytime they see and hear Mum walk past their whelping box. They have continued to pile on the weight with the range this week from 1.5 kilos to 2.2kilos...amazing progress for this litter size! Their teeth are bursting through their little gums and they have found their voices, making quite a variety of squeaks and funny sounding barks. As you can see from the photos, the pups had their nails trimmed again today after their weigh in. They are now all wearing collars, as we prepare to starting offering them a weeny amount of soaked kibble in the next week. Putting these identity collars on early means they don't spend all their time trying to scratch them off, as they would if we delayed another couple of weeks! Because our babies have become so large Nellie sits up to feed and they all clamber over each other to secure a teat, sometimes they stack three high. The puppies have enjoyed frequent visits and loads of cuddles from Nellie's family and more of my grandchildren.  We are planning to have puppy selection the weekend of March 12th and 13th. I will email everyone, very soon, to arrange a suitable time to visit , in the order that you are on the waiting list. Please keep this weekend free.



A big day for our puppies today. Not only have they had their 4 week worming and pedicure but they have met the vet for the first time and received their microchips. As you can see from this week's photos our babies have ventured outside for short periods  and enjoyed the warm days in the cool of the shade. We have held off moving them into their outside home as the weather has been extremely hot and just moving into a new pad is stressful enough! Our babies now have  teeth and just like a human baby like to chew on anything that they can find ...including a sibling's ear. Nellie's pups have been introduced to weenie amounts of food which will be increased in the coming days, as we start to wean the pups from their Mum's milk. Weight range this week is 1.8 kilos to 2.3kilos Growth slows at this stage due to their need for solid food and the fact that they are quite active and mobile. The pups are now very playful, furry and cuddly. They have been the focus of much love and attention.



As you can see from this week's photos the pups have moved to their outside home. They are loving the space, the toys, climbing blocks and tunnels.

They are very busy playing with each other, the toys and my grandchildren! Nellie is not feeding her babies anymore and is about to go back to her family to completely dry up before they take home their little girl called Skye. Puppies are going well on their little meals each day and are now eating rather than sucking...not sure about chewing as they 'Hoover' down their chow. Puppies eat, play and then spend long periods napping, as they will when they come home to you. I will start to make contact very soon to organize a time for puppy selection on the weekend of March 12th and 13th. Due to the fact we have some brand new additions to our home with Tallara having had her babies I am running a little behind time. You may like to bring a robust toy OR a small puppy blanklet OR an old towel to leave with your pup on selection day for a couple of weeks to gain the familar smells of siblings and the puppy pen. After you have met your pup I will email you the care sheets...based on the questions of new families for 30 years. These notes will explain everything that you need to know to prepare before you take your pup home.


9/03/16  The 6 week update will be posted tomorrow, after the vet has visited, assessed and vaccinated our puppies.


 All puppies were vaccinated today and have passed their health check with flying colours! We are all enjoying the rain and the cooler weather. However, this means the puppies have not had their outside play today. As you can see from this week's photos they have plenty of space to run, jump, crawl through, play and swing from their toys before they all crash together for a snooze. We look forward to meeting you all again on the weekend when you will have time to play with your new family member and we can discus looking after and raising your little one with methods of best practice. Please try to arrive close to your allocated time if possible, as there is a new family hot on your heels that we wouldn't want to disadvantage. Don't forget your robust toy or puppy blanket. 



Seven weeks old today! Our pups have enjoyed the cooler weather ,playing together outside, on the grass and in my garden!  Please excuse some of the is so difficult to watch them all at once while trying to capture that special moment as they are all moving and getting up to mischief. It is quite a challenge.  As you can see from the photos most pups now have a name and all pups have met  their own special family. Thankyou for the new toys and blankets the arrived last  weekend...the pen is a happy, bright and interesting home, enjoyed by all the pups and me! All the pups are eating well, and are loving their soaked kibble, cooked chicken, veggies and pasta. By now everyone will have their care notes in their email and confirmation of their pickup time next week. Please try to arrive at your allocated time, as we have a lot of paperwork to get through on the day, before the next eager family arrives!  Please ring if you have any queries re the care notes.   (03) 97301447.

All pedigree certificates have arrived and happily all choosen names reflect the meaning of their Mum's name.  Nellie...bright light .