Dam: Glenyarra Ocean Love


DOB: 05/09/2017

HIPS: 4/4



Sire: Glenyarra River Dancer


DOB: 07/12/2017

HIPS: 3/4




 I am a registered breeder with Dogs Victoria.


  My member number: 3008682930.

 Please contact Dogs Victoria on email: to verify membership.

Pet Register Source no: RB109505

 I am also a  member of the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria.






Glenyarra is very happy to announce that Scala has 5 new babies: 3 Males, 2 Females. Born by a caesarian section on Monday 24th of February 2020.  Scala has recovered well from her operation and has bonded tenderly with her new babies.


The parents of this litter have been hip/elbow scored, have clear eye certificates and a healthy heart certificate, all available for you to view.

Both parents have a current Health Certificates and a Clearance to Breed Certificate.


Puppies go home with a pedigree certificate, issued from Dog's Victoria. A puppy health certificate issued by my Vet, together with a vaccination cetificate.


All puppies are microchipped.


All new families receive a puppy information pack that includes; food suggestions and diet sheets, weight chart and loads of tips on raising and training a healthy and well adjusted pup.  


All new families get  six weeks Free Petplan Health Insurance cover for their newest family member.



One week old today our puppies born with a weight range of 399 to 574 gms have had a wonderful start...all doubling their birth weights  in a week and the range now 901 to 1167 gms. Born by caesarian section last Monday all our little ones are thriving and Scala has not only recovered well but has bonded beautifully with these little wrigglers who she wasn't quite sure about after she woke up from her operation, not having had pups before!   It has been delightful to watch nature at work. As her milk came in so the basic instinct of motherhood took over and she began to nuture her little ones. All puppies in this litter are going to have a strong  golden color. The three boys are the Purple, Blue, and Red Collars . The Pink and Yellow collars are the girls. Scala is an attentive and relaxed mother who I secretly think is delighted with her new babies. She came to us with a basket of soft toys...always having one she had choosen in her mouth. Today for the first time she took a toy into the whelping box to share with the little ones. We have finally had a full night's sleep and look forward to another tonight, confident in the knowledge that this little new Mum has it sorted!

Apologies for the late post but we have had internet issues today...not good for the first entry! We welcome all our new families and look forward to meeting you all in the near future. All puppies from this litter are  spoken for.

Enjoy the photos...can you see the changes in size, and how much room they take up between Mum's legs, nose and feet pad color? 



Two weeks old today, our puppies have continued to thrive. All pups weigh in at over 1.5kgs with a weight range of 1.520 to 1.594gms. They are a very contented little crew as they don't  have too many brothers and sisters competing for the milk. We very rarely hear a sound from them as they spend their life drinking and sleeping.  Amazingly, I have had to adjust their little collars almost everyday as they have grown so quickly. Scala has had her stitches removed and is raring to go, wanting to play with the other girls outside so we still have to accompany her outside to make sure that she heals fully before running and jumping. She is a wonderul Mum, now completely bonded with her babies she tends to their every need constantly licking and cleaning them when she is in the whelping box. Many Mums feed and then get out of the box to sleep on their bed but she loves to snuggle her pups close and sleep with them keeping them warm and secure. It is about this time that the puppies eyes start to open. Eyes become more defined and eyelashes are easy to see and then we notice the skin separating in the corner near the nose and within a few days little eyes looking back at us.  Their eyes are misty at first but will clear as their vision improves. The puppies' ears are also sealed over at this stage, so they cannot hear. Our puppies cannot walk yet so use their front legs to pull and back legs to push, their fat bodies around, strengthening their muscles in preparation for walking.

Today, pups had their nails trimmed and filed, for Scala's comfort, as they become like little needles. Our babies also had their first worming today at 2 weeks and will be wormed again at 4,6 and 8 weeks.

Puppy care notes  will be emailed this week. Please have a thorough read. If there are any queries please ring. I am happy to take calls anytime.

I hope you enjoy this week's photos.



Three weeks old today our puppies cannot really be called 'little ones'. All puppies are well over 2 kgs with the weight range from 2.185 to 2.395 Kgs, simply a wonderful start. Pups' eyes are open now and working well, as are their ears . Their teeth are starting to move in their gums and they now spend short periods of  time sitting up and mouthing each other to ease their gums. They are still totally reliant on Scala for everything at this stage. They are now taking weight on their little legs but are still very wobbly and roll over constantly as they lose balance! Very funny to watch. Puppies fur is growing and  they are now really soft and cuddly. Golden colour is starting to come through on their ears. Our darker, full bodied colored pups...Blue, Purple and Yellow will retain their current coloring  maybe slightly changing their golden hue over the years to come...Red and Pink will also be  golden as their ear color comes through indicating final coat color sometimes taking  several years...they just have more shading...light and dark  patches than the others. I have taken some short videos which I am unable to load on the website unfortunately and will send them by email very soon. They will let you all in on some of the special moments that you cannot capture with a photo. I will also send some information regarding our OPEN DAY... I would like to chat with each family after you receive that email. Please call at a time that is suitable for you to have an extended chat.



Four weeks old today our babies have shown great growth with weights ranging from 2.7 kilos to 2.9 kilos. All puppies are up walking around more confidently although not always in a staight line! The pups have started on a small meal a day of soaked kibble and they love slow starters in this litter.  Scala is still feeding them about 5 times a day and as you can see from the photos now stands up to be able to cater for all. Now that the pups are outside we will start to slowly wean Scala and dry up her milk while slowly increasing the number and quantity of feeds over coming weeks.

Our puppies have moved to their outside area ...we start off with a small fenced area inside the puppy house and slowly increase the  area as they grow and become more confident. Scala will sleep in with them at night but is now able to come and go through the day as she feels the need to the natural weaning happens as she spends less time with the little 'uns.

Four weeks is the time to worm our pups for the second time. They also had their nails cut and filed again...for Scala's comfort!.


Thankyou all for your support and understanding  with cancellation of our Open Day. And thanks for the positive feed back on the videos that I have been sending in an attempt to help you feel connected to the action here. Over the next few weeks the photos and videos will give you a lot more insight into our little family as the pups grow is statue and personality...Sometimes my email is happy to send the videos and other times I have to resort to  sending on the phone!  Annoying... Even when the videos are the right size! I hope to start chatting with you all each week too as I would like to develop a good relationship with you even though we will not meet for some time.



Our pups are 5 weeks old today ! They have settled well outside and now race around playing with their toys and chewing on each other having a ball. The pups are now on 3 meals a day with pumpkin and some cooked mince added to meals. Weight range this week is 3.5 kilos to 3.7kilos. The vet has been and all pups are now microchipped. The paperwork for Dogs Victoria to print up their pedigree certificates has been emailed  in an attempt to get the pedigrees back before the pups leave for their new homes on April 20th. But, as with everything else Dogs Vic has closed their office and I'm not sure how long it will take as they set up to work from home.

I hope between the weekly posts/photos and the videos that I have been sending to your phones you are probably getting  a bit of an idea of the pups and Scala's personality.

Scala is not feeding her babies any longer as her family is keen to have her back before we go into suburb lockdown and the little ones are now quite settled on their food. Getting good quality petfood in bulk has also been difficult ...Scala has been enjoying meat directly from our freezer and the pups' mince from the supermarket. I have not fed pasta/rice as I cannot get it . Scala has been a beautiful mother and still likes to bring toys from her basket inside out to the pups. A big thankyou to Mitchell and Anna for the love and time they have invested in  raising Scala , she is a wonderful example of a gentle and loyal golden...she has been amazing to work with. I am so proud that she is a Glenyarra Girl.

I sent out all the relevant certificates over the weekend ...please let me know if your copies did not arrive. Thankyou for all the families who do give me a little quick feedback from an email or video...I love to know that you have received and seen them. 

Next task is to set up my internet out in the puppy house for the weekend Skype call. I will email you giving you a rough time that  I may call on the order that you will be choosing. I am just not sure how long each call will take and I will have to stop when they are having one of their many it will be very flexible! But, I do hope to talk to everyone on Saturday. Please have any questions ready for our face to face...FaceTime.



Pups have turned 6 weeks old today. We are expecting the vet to arrive this afternoon. He will give the pups a health examination and then vaccinate if all is well. I am very pleased with the puppies' weight gains. A weight range of  4.33 kilos to 4.61kilos! All pups are eating well as you have seen from the videos and are full of mischief and energy. Thankyou for all being so flexible in receiveing a Facetime call and choosing your puppy. It was lovely to see you all and hear those delighted noises coming from my phone.  I was disappointed the the Open Day was cancelled but I  feel that we have all got to know each other quite well with the frequent communication over the last 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I was unable to load many of the photos that you took on the website but I thankyou for sending them to me and they will be included on the USB that you will receive in your information folder. I have really enjoyed the questions that the children have emailed and texted to me and I think they have liked receiving the answers and some special photos. A big thankyou to Julia  who is 11 years old, who has put together a movie based on all the videos that I have sent out...I hope to send it to you all. What a clever girl. Thankyou Julia.

Scala has now settled happily back at home with Mitch and Anna and is enjoying long walks and the love of her human family. 


All puppies passed their health check and have received their first vaccination.



I hope that you are enjoying this Easter period with your families and are excitedly looking forward to your newest family member coming home next week. Thankyou for your Easter Greetings...we have rejoiced at the safe arrival of Lola's litter on Easter time for eating Easter eggs!


Our pups are 7 weeks old today and have enjoyed fun on the grass out in the sunshine this week, as the photos show.  Pups are very energetic and have been enjoying all their toys and each other. Puppies' weight range is 5.4kilos to 5.7kilos and are 2 hands full for children to hold...a suggestion would be to make sure children are seated and supervised when it is cuddle time. As many of the children will be home, all the time, when your pup arrives home, it might be  appropiate to have a family discussion this week about the need for puppy quiet time and independent outside time to explore. Over stimulating a pup all the time will not result in the quiet , gentle , loving and well mannered Golden that we all want to share our lives with... and it is hard to undo poorly learned behaviours. Please make sure that you have some chew toys, a dried pigs ear or similar, for pup to chew on instead of the children who the pup will see as litter mates... and you can see from the videos how they interact with each other. Please take time to spend with the children/puppy to guide them...leaving them both together for long periods of time unsupervised while you work from home will not have a happy ending!  Research why puppies chew or jump up and come up with a family code of practice. A very appealing u tube site for the whole family is The Dog Geek. Please spend some time before your pup comes home to chat about sleeping arrangements, house rules and the quiet and consistent training of the puppy. I will give everyone a call in the next few days for last minute tips...please reread the Puppy Care notes again as a refresher.


A photo of  the cd that I use to help pups desensitize to  sounds  is included in the photos this week. There are many similar on the net. Socializing your pups will be difficult in the current  climate...check the net...apparently you can do puppy school online! When you exercise outside of the house, carry puppy with you a  shoulder bag with head out...but remember, do not place puppy down on nature strips/footpaths/parks until all vaccinations are completed.



Please don't forget to print out and bring the letter of instruction for a Non Contact Puppy Pickup...It has been suggested to me by a policeman that the fewer family members in the car might be a better idea in these times of level 3 Restrictions...A puppy carrier can be purchased quite cheaply for the ride home.


Final arrangemants for pickup, including the time, will be confirmed when we chat in the upcoming week.  Enjoy this week's photos, we all had a wonderful week!



WEEK 8-9:  All pups have  settled in well to their new homes after their first car ride! Thankyou for all the lovely photos...very happy to hear the wonderful tales of mischief and adventure. Good luck and enjoy the coming weeks... life with a golden just gets better and better.