Dam: Glenyarra Golden Artemis


DOB: 21/04/2010

HIPS: 2/9



Sire: Glenyarra Emperor


DOB: 1/07/2014

HIPS: 2/3



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Torah 01   Torah 02   Torah 03

LITTER UPDATE:5/09/2017:

Torah has amazed us all by having 10 beautiful babies; 5 girls and 5 boys. Mum and pups are doing really well after having a caesarian delivery.




Our babies are now 1 week old. It has been a busy week for all of us. Ater a caesar the Mums must be watched very closely ... Temperatures are taken 2x a day, they are accompanied night and day to toilet outside, washed daily and discharge monitored. Each Mum is fed 4x a day with a balanced diet of meat ,chicken necks, lamb hearts and liver, vegies and dry food. So as you can imagine our mums think they are on holiday! Our pups are also watched very closely in the first week after a caesar. Each pup is weighed 2x a day and little chests listened to for any congestion. Both Mum and pups are kept warm in their heated whelping boxes after major surgery.

Torah had 10 active little pups, a big job for a grand old Mum, so we have moved two puppies over to Nudge to rear as she had just 5 puppies and a big heart to love 2 more! These pups, a very golden girl with white collar (Tor) and a beautiful boy with brown collar (Rah) will be  registered as Torah's and included in the chosing day as Torah's.

Torah 's babies have showed a steady weight gain and good growth. You can clearly see the difference between the Newborn photos and the I week pictures.

Eyes and ears of pups are closed at this stage but they use their sense of smell to locate their next meal! When puppies are born their skin lacks pigmentation...Can you notice in the pictures that  skin on the pads of their feet and around their faces and their weeny nose has gone from pink/red to black?



The puppies are now 2 weeks old. Torah is a beautiful Mum and her pups are showing wonderful progress. A close look at the photos shows little fat bellies. The pups still spend all their time drinking or sleeping. Torah's milk supply has been established and she no longer needs to feed so often. She spends time out of the whelping box resting or outside rolling on the grass or enjoying a meaty bone outside. The puppies' eyes have just opened although they are still cloudy and sight is not clear at this stage. Ears are still closed, so they are not hearing as yet. Their ear flaps have folded down now. Coats are getting longer and the color is starting to come it will continue to do up to 2 years of age. They pups have had their sharp little nails trimmed and had had their first  worming dose. They are just starting to try and take weight on their paws, but are very unsteady and end up rolling over and over! It is interesting to look at the photos and see how much more room they take up in the whelping box.



The puppies are now 3 weeks old. Torah's puppies are an active little bunch. Born smaller than Nudge's litter, because there were 10 ,they are always after a feed. As soon as Torah is close they all run around bumping into each other trying to track her down for a drink. They are so quick she doesn't have time to sit down before they latch on to a teat and suckle her as she is standing up...quite a feat of strength and balance for them! So patient old Torah stands quietly while the feed happens and then gets out and sleeps on her mat and the contented little ones pile on top of each other and snooze till she dare puts her head in to check if any housekeeping is required.

In the first few weeks Mum cleans up the wee and poo in the whelping box so she is constantly checking to see if she needs to do any cleaning. The puppies' teeth have errupted through their gums so it will soon time for me to introduce some tiny amounts of food...once that happens, Torah stops cleaning up and it becomes my job!

Hopefully, you have all received your times for our viewing weekend. Please try to arrive as close as possible to the time as there will be other families before and after you and we change exactly on the hour to accomodate everyone with equal time.  The puppy care notes have also been sent...if you have any questions or concerns please ring me. Please don't buy any food yet as I would like to show you the kibble and advise where you can purchase at a reasonable price. 

Please have a think about what  time suits you for Pick up day as I will  start to organise times on this weekend. Our puppies are 8 weeks old on October 31st and will able to join their new families from that day. Thankyou to all those people who have given me such positive feedback re the website updates... it is much appreciated! 


Our puppies are now 4 weeks old. Today our puppies met the vet for the first time and were microchipped. Once again it has been a week of changes for our little ones. They have moved out of our house and have settled into their new indoor outdoor area where they have more room to move around and explore. They really look like little dogs now, as you can see from the photos. It is amazing to look back over the last 4 weeks and see just how much they have changed! It was fun trying to get the photos of each one as they do not sit still for very long and their coat colorings did not come out as well as I had hoped but you can get an idea of how they have grown and changed...and when you all view them soon,  you will be surprised just how much they have changed  yet again. Our pups have started to eat some soaked kibble and puppy milk twice a day and absolutely deveaour it. Vegies, chicken and weetbix will be introduced in the coming weeks. Our Mums have started the weaning process. We like to have our pups completely stablised on their own diet  2-3 weeks before they go home to their forever families. Torah and Nudge are looking to resume their previous pre puppy Torah's family is counting down the days till her return.

Our viewing weekend is all organised and I look forward to meeting each's hope it is a sunny day and we can sit out on the grass and interact with the pups. I do apologies for running a little late this week and I have some more photos to post too. It has been brought to my attention that the link on the end of my puppy care notes no longer exists...I do recomend crate training and suggest you do some Googling!



Torah's puppies are now five weeks old. As you can see from the photos they have moved to their outdoor home and have settled in well. They have space to run and chase each other. They play with the toys and enjoy running through the tunnels and climbing on the blocks. We have even had some sunny, windless days where the pups have romped over the grass and delighting in their freedom. Torah has weaned her pups and is no longer feeding them. Now, it is my turn and I am happy to report that the pups have done well and are now qiute settled on soaked dry food, rice and cooked chicken mince. They also love their weetbix and lactose free milk.

A big thankyou to my hubbie for building our new puppy area, it is fantastic ... you are so clever! Not to forget Mitch who helped with the concreting ... and of course I'm the ideas lady!


Once again I look forward to putting faces to all the lovely people that I have spoken to on the phone this weekend... don't forget your cameras.




Our pups are now six weeks old and were visited by the vet yesterday for their health check and first vaccination. I  am happy  to report that all puppies passed with flying colors and received their injection. I recommend that each family makes contact with a few vets over the next week scoping out costs for  consultation and  vaccinations charges. Ask about their puppy care programs if they have one...  do they do a free puppy health check when your baby comes home? If they say "Yes" please carry your pup into the clinic NOT putting it on their floor or examination table, without a towel from your home underneath it. Ask about having only 2 vaccinations and when to have the 2nd one  and how long to stay out of public places after having it. Please chat with me on pickup day if you have any concerns in this area.

Our viewing weekend was just delightful. The weather was beautiful and the pups, playful and engaging...I hope that you enjoyed this week's photos as much as I loved watching each family interacting with the pups. I do apologise for the lateness of the written update...I was just too tired to sit down after the vet left and start doing the website. Thankyou to everyone who made the effort to arrive on you can see the hour goes very quickly and the next family is driving in before we have finished chatting. If anyone has any questions please don't hesistate to ring me. All emails detailing pickup times have been sent out. Thankyou for all the lovely replies and photos that came back.

And lastly, but most importantly, our pups. They were very quiet on Monday and Tuesday, knocked by the heat...they really enjoyed staying inside and scratched a large area in the mulch and laid on  the cold concrete underneath! ( both litters did exactly the same thing)  They drank double the usual amount of water, as you would expect. However, the heat did not diminish their appetites...our flying saucer bowls almost took off. Puppies have had their six week worming  and their nails trimmed again. The photos that you received with your emails were some of the cute ones, from both litters, of our weigh in before worming. Puppy weights range from 4kilos, the large orange boy in Nudge's and Rah  down to Baby Tor at 3.35 kilos...most of the pups fall into a range 3.5 to 3.7kilos.



Torah's pups have now reached the 7 week milepost! We have had a lovely week and spent enjoyable time watching our little ones playing with the new toys and each other. The pups have enjoyed their grass time and have started to get very adventurous in their exploring, up the mounds, through the fence, going greater distances than previously. They are ready for some more individual loving with their new families! They are well settled on their food. Please remember to presoak a cup and a half of the dry kibble as detailed in the care notes so that you will have food at the ready when you return home.  Weetbix, chicken mince, rice and a small amount of cooked pumpkin, carrot or broccolli, will mean that you will have everything you need to follow the feeding regime that your puppy has been used to.

Just a quick reminder to arrive as close to your allocated time as possible as there will be someone excited to see their newest family member after you. Well the countdown is on to your pickup day...please reread the care notes and don't hesistate to contact me if you have any concerns. Have a think about where your pup is going to eat, sleep and play it safe? Is the whole family on board with how to talk, cuddle and play gently with your baby pup? Has the family discussed the House rules? The outside rules? A quiet consistent approach to your pup, from each member of the family, will ensure that in years to come you have a dog that you are proud of and who is responsive to each family member. Looking forward to seeing you all again, very soon.